The Beacon House Thrift Shop is a social enterprise program of the Beacon House Association of San Pedro, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we provide donation receipts for tax purposes.

Schedule a Donation Pick-up

We pick up donations every day! Please review these key points first, and then click the link below to schedule a pick-up:

  • First and foremost, please review our Donation Acceptance Policy! We really appreciate your support, but we can only take on items that can be used and/or sold at the Beacon House Thrift Shop. If donated items cannot be sold, used, recycled or re-purposed, they must be thrown away responsibly. This costs us a tremendous amount of money and takes away from our primary mission!
  • The pick-up schedule fills up quickly, so please submit your pick-up request as soon as possible to secure your spot! If you have an emergency and need a hasty pick-up, email us. While we rarely do same-day pick-ups, we are willing to do our best to help you… we usually just need a few days to plan it all out!
  • All pick-ups are at the driver’s discretion! Our donation pick-up team will inspect all potential donations upon arrival. We may not be able to take all of your items, but we will try! If we determine that an item does not meet the Beacon House Thrift Shop’s Donation Acceptance Policywe may offer to dispose of the item. Learn more about disposal below.
Beacon House Men in a truck

Drop Donations Off at Our Store

We would love to see you at the Beacon House Thrift Shop! Please review these key points before planning a donation drop-off:

  • Please review our Donation Acceptance Policy before dropping off donations. We really appreciate your support, but we can only take items that can be used and/or sold at the Beacon House Thrift Shop!
  • You can drop donations off with our men any time between 11 AM and 7 PM. When you arrive at the store, find a spot out front and let us know you have items to donate!
  • Please DO NOT drop donations off before or after store hours!
  • If you have large/bulky items that you would like to donate, please DO NOT drop these items off at the Beacon House Thrift Shop. Our store is not set up to receive large-scale donations without any pre-planning. We need to inspect larger items and we prefer to pick them up, so please see the section above to schedule a pick-up instead! We may refer you to another organization if we cannot take items you are dropping off.

Disposal and Hauling

PLEASE NOTE: The Beacon House Thrift Shop is NOT a disposal or hauling company… we just don’t want to leave our supporters stranded without options!

Let’s be honest… some donated items just will not sell, especially if they have excessive damage or are simply unusable, and it costs money to dispose of items that cannot be used or sold. We pride ourselves in ethical and responsible disposal.

Please remember to review our Donation Acceptance Policy to see what we will and will not accept before you schedule a pick-up or make plans to drop off your donation to ensure we do not need to dispose of any items.

  • If you do have items that need to be hauled/disposed: Please email us to let us know what you have, along with pictures of the item(s), and we will provide you with a quote for hauling/disposal.
  • If you have a massive clean out with multiple items that need to be hauled/disposed: Email us with as many details as possible, so we can discuss it. We want to help you and provide you with options – if possible – as best we can!